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Push&Go - XA-PG4100

Push & Go


We are glad to introduce you our new PUSH & GO system for double doors.


Technical improvement and smart solutions: that’s what Xinnix is all about.

Push&Go is a new magnetic system for the fast and easy opening of the fixed part of your double door.
1 push on the button and your door leaf is free.

The locking is as easy as the opening of the door: when closing the door, the magnet returns in the counterstrike (in the upper rail) and your door stays locked.

> Perfect for high - double doors!
> Very nice elegant finish for every door thickness.


With just one push the fixed wing opens and you create a complete free passage. The magnetic closure ensures quick, effortless locking.


Order reference:
White XA-PG4100.W
Chrome matt XA-PG4100.CS