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easy distribution system

1 box system



Contact us for the latest updates, possibilities and certifications concerning the fire-resistant door systems.
Our system has been EI130 approved.
Worldwide ( EI230) our fire resistant systems can be applied up to 3000 mm high doors (pull and push). In Belgium ( EI130 ) the X240EI system can be applied for a door height up to 2600 mm.



System for fire rated doors- STANDARD DIMENSIONS

System always with upperrail

Standard Heights (Beneleux): 2015, 2115, 2315 mm 

Standard widths (Benelux): 630, 676, 710, 730, 780, 810, 830, 880, 910, 930, 980, 1026, 1030, 1180, 1230 mm.

Door fittings

Magnetic cylinder lock or KFV cylinder lock
Fire rated gasket

Xinnix X4030

Hp <2100 mm: 3 or 4

Hp 2100-2600mm: 4 or 5

Hp >2600-3000 mm : 5 or 6


Technical information

Door thickness Xinnix System Push Pull Maximum height Door type
50 mm X240EI OK OK

2600 mm (EI130)

3000 mm (EI230)

Wall finishing

- Plastering
- Plasterboard
- Walls with minimum density 550 kg / m³

Minimum finished wall thickness:
100 mm


•Safety with minimalistic design

•Door fire DF/EI30

•Available for any standard door size of any country

•Door closer DORMA ITS 96N 2-4 or GEZE BOXER can be integrated but is not compulsory

•2 step installation

         ◦Installation frame without door
         ◦Installation door after wall finishing