XP50(c) BASE

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XP50(c) BASE

XP50-3000B : Brute

XP50-3000W: White lacquered

XP50-3000A: Anodised

One base for different versions:
• Negative version -9 mm
• Flush version with cover
• Flush version with cover and stainless steel topplate
• Flush version with stone plinth (not included)
• Flush version with HPL plinth (not included)


• Untreated, natural mat anodized or white coated profiles
• Possibility to glue a stainless steel topplate on the cover profile
• All installation and adjustment pieces are available
• Ease distribution by using a logic packaging system: L = 3000 mm
• Mechanically fixed or glued invisible in the wall construction
• Precious timeless finish
• Minimalistic dimensions: Height 50 mm - Depth 13 mm

Wall finishing:

Suitable for any type of wall:
- Plasterboard
- Plastered wall