Universal systems for
frameless doors
Xinnix creates door systems which allow the integration of every door in every wall, in an “frameless” way. With a frameless door system, the door leaf and the wall melt into each other.
Painted in the same colour of the wall, you get a discrete timeless finish.





Our Xinnix products offer the possibility to finish the wall (and/or the door) with HPL, veneer, glass, tile, etc. 

For this execution we used a X1 profile finished with a mirror.

Door handle: XA-RF150.P => bright polished!








Amazing design with all technical aspects discretely integrated


Also suitable for projects in Horeca, care centers, lofts and Flats!


- Fire doors (certificate on demand)

- Acoustic doors (certificate on demand)

- Magnetic locks

- Integrated automatic door closers

- Acces control

- Ergonomic handles

- Project doors

- ... and many more!




Xinnix - FC Standard de Liège 

Xinnix Door Systems were applied in the stadium of Standard.

The project was executed by VOO-DO Interior.

Look at the magnefic result below: