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Profile types

Choose the desired profile type:

- X1: for a flush "pulling" door - Wall thickness min. 100 mm - every height - door leaf 40mm
- X240: for 'pull' or 'push' door - Wall thickness min 75 mm - every height - door leaf  40 or 50 mm
- X245: same as X240 for door leaf 45 or 55 mm
- X250: same as 240 for door leaf 50 or 60 mm
- X40: Perfect profile for standard heigh doors - 'pull' or 'push' with the same profile - Wall thickness min 70 mm - door leaf 40 mm
- X45: same as X40 with door leaf 45 mm

Being on the flush side of the door, do you now wish to PULL or PUSH the door to open?
Door Thickness

Is your door ceiling heigh? In that case you dont have an upperrail.

In any other situation, you'll have an upperrail.

Door leaf height
Min wall thickness