X5 Pocket Glass - Double

pocket sliding door 



- Easy installation
- Short lead time due to Mix & Match system
- Minimal construction space required which leads to optimal use of the room

- Sliding door disappears in the pocket

- Frameless system - say goodbye to those architraves

- Spacesaver

- Glass elegance

- Adjustable in height & width leads to flexibility on the construction site

Door thickness Xinnix system Construction profile type Minimum wall thickness Maximum door weight
8 - 10 - 12 mm X5D Ω50 100 mm 60 kg 
8 - 10 - 12 mm X5 Ω75 100 mm 100 kg
8 - 10 - 12 mm X5D Ω75 125 mm 100 kg
8 - 10 - 12 mm
139 mm 100 kg
8 - 10 - 12 mm
X5D50 Ω75
175 mm 100 kg


Glass door: 2000mm x 1000mm x 10mm = 50 kg

Higher door weights and special cases on demand.

Adjustable uprights

Door leaf height 2015 mm 2115 mm 2315 mm 2415 mm 2715 mm 3015 mm
X5 X5-2015 X5-2115  X5-2315  - - -
X5D X5D-2015 X5D- 2115 X5D-2315  X5D-2415 X5D-2715 X5D-3015
X5D32 X5D32-2015 X5D32-2115 X5D32-2315  X5D32-2415  X5D32-2715  X5D32-3015 
X5D50 X5D50-2015 X5D50-2115


!Double door systems require box 1 two times, build-up for both the left and right door.


Xinnix Selection
Constructie profieltype Staanders
Door leaf size of 830 mm Ω50
X5 - X5D - X5D32 - X5D50
Door leaf size of 930 mm Ω50
X5D -
X5 - X5D - X5D32 - X5D50
Door leaf size of 1030 mm - resizable 530-1030 mm Ω50
X5D -
X5 - X5D - X5D32 - X5D50
X5-1230B.75GLC Door leaf size of 1230 mm - resizable 1030-1230 mm Ω75
X5D- X5D32 - X5D50
X5-1530B.75GLC Door leaf size of 1530 mm - resizable 1230-1530 mm Ω75
X5D - X5D32 - X5D50

Metal Stud 50 : no softclose

!A double door system requires box 2 twice, one for the left and one for the right door.

2 potential finishes, the Xinnix finish for standard systems and the Pure finish for ceiling high systems.




There is a specific finishing box for double doors.

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