X5 WALL Wood

pocket sliding door against an existing wall

Sliding door against an existing wall

- Space saving
- Quick and easy to install
- Including softclose
- Adaptable
- For an existing wall: ideal when renovating
- Both standard and ceiling-high finishes




Door height X5 Wall  X5D Wall X5D32 Wall X5D50 Wall 
< 2115 mm X5-Wall 2115 - -  -
2115 - 2410 mm X5D-Wall2415 X5D32-Wall2415 X5D50-Wall2415
2415 - 2715 mm - X5D-Wall2715 X5D32-Wall2715 X5D50-Wall2715
2715 - 3015 mm - X5D-Wall3015 X5D32-Wall3015 X5D50-Wall3015
3015 - 3515 mm  - - X5D32-Wall3515 X5D50-Wall3515


Door width Metal Stud 75 Metal Stud 100
830 mm X5-0830B.75 X5-0830B100
930 mm X5-0930B.75 X5-0830B100
1030 mm X5-1030B.75 X5-1030B100
1230 mm X5-1230B.75 X5-1230B100
1530 mm X5-1530B.75
2030 mm X5-2030B.75
2430 mm X5-2430B.75
3030 mm X5-3030B.75

Xinnix - standard finish

Pure - ceiling high finish



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