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Finishing profile XA-FIN

finishing profile 

Finishing profile with integrated corner which allows an easy finish of all wall thicknesses. This finishing profile of 9 mm was specifically designed for a simple finishing of the Xinnix frames.

Check out how easy it is on our video.


Door sets 

Code Dimensions
XA-KFIN2088/140/KE1 Set for the finishing of 1 door - 2 x 2088x140x9 mm + 1 x 1044x140x9 mm
XA-KFIN2200/120/KE1 Set for the finishing of 1 door - 2 x 2200x120x9 mm + 1 x 1100x120x9 mm
XA-KFIN2200/120/KE2 Set for the finishing of 2 doors -  4 x 2200x120x9 mm + 2 x 1100x120x9 mm
XA-KFIN2600/120/KE1 Set for the finishing of 1 door - 2 x 2600x120x9 mm + 1 x 1100x120x9 mm
XA-KFIN2600/120/KE2 Set for the finishing of 2 doors - 4 x 2600x120x9 mm + 2 x 1100x120x9 mm


Lengths per 5

Code Dimensions
XA-FIN2200/120 Plasterboard with corner 2200x120x9 mm 5 pieces
XA-FIN2200/260 Plasterboard with corner 2200x260x9 mm 5 pieces
XA-FIN2600/120 Plasterboard with corner 2600x120x9 mm 5 pieces
XA-FIN3000/120 Plasterboard with corner 3000x120x9 mm 5 pieces
XA-FIN3000/260 Plasterboard with corner 3000x260x9 mm 5 pieces
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