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Easy distribution system
1 or 2 box system

swing door

Frameless door

minimalistic door


1 - Uprights

2 - Upperrail & distance keepers

3 - Finishing profile XA-FIN (in option)



A24 (standard)

Other hinges


Magnetic lock

00BB (Standard)

Other locks



More information on our gaskets
  • Minimalistic design
  • 2 way installation
    • Installation frame without door
    • Installation door after wall finishing              
  • Standard heights (Door leaf heights in mm)
    • 2015, 2040, 2115, 2315
  • Standard widths (Door leaf widths in mm)
    • 630, 680, 710, 726, 730, 780, 810, 826, 830, 880, 910, 926, 930, 980, 1030
Door thickness Xinnix System Flush Push Flush Pull Maximum height
40 mm X1 OK Serie X2
3500 mm
50 mm X1  OK Serie X2 3500 mm

Wall finish


- Plastering
- Plasterboard
- Veneer


Door finish

-To paint




Minimum finished wall thickness:

X1: 100 mm

Hp = Height panel
Hf = Height frame
Hw = Height structural opening
Wp = Width panel
Wf = Width frame
Ww = Width structural opening


Same dimensions (both structural opening as door leaf size) as a normal non-Xinnix door.

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